Short Lead Time

20% reduction in delivery cycle

Short Lead Time

Cost-effective Price

Below the average level quotation 5%-20%

Cost-effective Price

Professional Engineering Team

top-ranking engineer team

Professional Engineering Team

Top-level Quality

International quality standards

Top-level Quality
× mm

Express 4 layers PCB/FR4
Layers:1/2/4 layers
Lead time: 1~5 days 
Quality: Standard IPC2、
Surface finish: Hasl Lead Free/ENIG/OSP
Premium quick-turn PCB/FPC/ Aluminum/ Rogers
Layers: 1~32 layers
Lead time: 7~15 days 
Quality: IPC2/IPC3
Surface finish: Hasl Lead Free/ENIG/OSP
PCB Assembly Services
Turn time:2 days - 3 weeks
Qty req.:1 - 10000+
Soldering:Machine + Hand
Surface mount PCB for smart ear thermometer
Purchase price: discuss personally
Project Difficulty:High
Lead time: 2 months
Features: wireless connection,smart reminder,data synchronization


  • 2 - 16 layers PCB, batch quantity 5 to 1000
  • 2 - 4 days production time
  • Hi quality warranty
  • Quick delivery to all over the world


  • Professional team in NPI
  • Advanced manufacturing equipments
  • Reliable quality control system and expert
  • Competitive cost control capability
  • Online friendly transparent whole manufacturing process updates


  • Package designs from just US$50
  • Every trend, every style, every industry
  • Dozens of design concepts
  • 100% money-back guarantee
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Print PCB board for smart fetal heart detector
Fast PCB prototypes smart ear thermometer
PETS PCB protective coating

COMAAS aims at serving customers who have demands on small/medium batch or industry products production, provides them high quality manufacturing service and supply chain resources in standardized way, to make their products more competitive.

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